Nigeria And Small Chops

Have you observed that most students seem to be in a hurry this day? They seem too busy working on a project and sometimes behave, as if they are working behind schedule. Some hardly find time to prepare their meals; especially in the morning hours as they rush to lecture and may return home to settle for anything.

Despite this, students need good quantity and quality food to remain active, which is the reason any resourceful student should take advantage of the situation and begin a ‘small chop’ business that would meet students’ culinary needs. Know too well that students have to eat to get energy to carry out their activities within and outside the campus, serving them snacks or other ‘small chops’ that can be eaten while on the move would not be out of place.

This food could be packaged in such a way students could pick them, while they are on their way to or after lectures.
You may say fast food stands are already doing this, providing noodles and other easy to prepare items; but the big question is, are they meeting the needs of students? Look for something the conventional fast food joints are not doing properly and improve on them through your services; package yours with a difference, make them cheap and available, and in no time you would be employing your mates.

Do you know that some students go to lecture without taking anything, not because they do not have food in their store, but because they are lazy to wake up early and prepare for breakfast; so, make yours fresh and also available and you will see students in this category visiting you first before going for lectures. Catch on the laziness and inability of others to grow your entrepreneurial skill.

Imagine having a joint, where students could come for toast bread, sandwich, tea or coffee or for any of those morning meals before leaving for lectures. Or, even a joint they could converge in the evening or afternoon for refreshment after several hours of lecture.

The advantage this outfit has over the already existing fast food outfits operating within the campus is that it is within reach of students, who are not keen at taking heavy food. In fact, some of them if not monitored would be ready to go on noodles and small chops seven days a week. The other benefit is that the environment is flexible, which any student operator can easily utilize to move from hostel to hostel selling to fellow students or students visiting the operator’s hostel to pick their stock.

One may ask, how do I mix the flour or pastry, which is time consuming and still have time for my studies? The immediate answer to this is that you are not to depend on your personal efforts alone for the supplies. If you think you can do it all alone, you may burn out. So, you have to synergize with some outfits outside the campus to take the heat off you. These outfits would prepare and package the chops in your name, while you sell and make some profits. In fact, if you bargain well, the start-up capital might be the first supply. Depending on the agreement, they may request for payment of half of the stock supplied, while the balance would be after sales. But show integrity and never default.

There are a million and one bakeries and eateries out there waiting for students to come with such proposal. Put on your thinking cap and locate one of them.

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